PAC Marching Auxiliary

Welcome to the PAC Marching Auxiliary Performance Team program, The Precision Pearls! The 2015-2016 Auxiliary unit consists of all-in-one performance teams. These teams dance, twirl flag as well as twirl baton. The young female student-athletes who make up this outstanding program are dedicated to continuing a tradition of excellence that has always defined the PAC Marching Auxiliary Performance program. Teams are broken up by grade level:
Tiny Pearls (ages3-6),
Black Pearls (elementary students),
Silver Pearls (middle school students),
Pink Pearls (high school students) and
Precision Pearls (highly advance student selected by PAC Directors and Coaches).

PAC Marching Auxiliary AllstarsBeing a member of a PAC Marching Auxiliary Performance Team is very challenging, but extremely rewarding. The practice schedule is demanding and includes workouts and sectional practice times. All students are required to practice with their assigned teams on their assigned practice days. All members are only given 5 excused absences between September and May. Each performance team is directed by the talented PAC instructors/coaching staff. The PAC instructors/coaching staff provides each auxiliary team with innovative, yet classy routines.

The Precision Pearls perform at many local, statewide, regional and national venues including parades and of course, sporting events. Each team competes in al three areas as well; baton twirling competitions, winterguard competitions and dance team competitions.  These young ladies are highly recruited on all levels and many go on to receive college scholarships.

On and off the field, floor or court, the young women who make up the PAC Marching Auxiliary Performance Teams are representatives of true PAC Pride! There is a tremendous emphasis on team bonding and unity among each team, and we encourage all who are interested in joining the PAC family to become a part of the PAC Marching Auxiliary Performance Teams the PRECISION PEARLS!