Precision Auxiliary Corp & Precision Pearls Performance Teams - The P.A.C. Competitive Auxiliary Performance Teams currently consists of auxiliary student-athletes from Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton, Clayton, Cobb and Dekalb County Schools as well as Georgia Colleges and Universities. The Performance Teams consist of a fusion of baton twirling, dance, cheerleading, flag/rifle/sabre twirling and tumbling. Teams perform a wide range of competitive baton twirling techniques, winter/color guard techniques, cheerleading stunts, tumbling along with modern dance, jazz, ballet, liturgical, and hip hop choreography. Precision Auxiliary Corp & Precision Pearls Performance Teams perform during NCAA, NFL & NBA pre-games & half-time shows; major local, state, national & international parades & events. These Competitive Auxiliary Performance Teams also compete in local, state, national & international competitions


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to practice?
All candidates should wear a modestly cut black leotard with black or flesh colored tights or white or black tank/t-shirt and black shorts. Tennis shoes, cheer shoes or appropriate dance shoes are required. No jewelry except for stud earrings is allowed.

Requirements to become a member of  a Precision Auxiliary Corp Performance Teams:One time reg. fee of $30 and monthly fee of $50

All members of PAC Performance Teams are required to attend all auxiliary clinics and camps in the Spring and Summer.

How much experience is required to be apart of  PAC Performance Teams?
As long as you have a passion and desire to learn, there is no required experience. Techniques, styles and positions are taught at all levels.

What size batons and poles do you twirl and spin?  Batons sizes are based on students arm length and Poles sized based on students height at the elementary and middle school levels.
All-Star Team uses batons the same length and flags on weighted 6' poles.

What are the different auxiliary equipments that the Precision Auxiliary Corp Performance Team uses?
Precision Auxiliary Corp Performance Team use batons, flags, rifles, sabers and pom-poms. (Rifle and sabers are only used at the advance and all-star levels.)

What is the cost associated with being a member of PAC Performance Teams?
Each member is responsible for purchasing team performance uniform, matching warm-ups, shorts, T-shirts, bag, baton, pom-poms, practice silk and pole. The price varies slightly each year and is estimated to be around $500 (fundraisers are in place to cover the cost).

Who choreographs the different Precision Auxiliary Corp Performance Teams routines?
Instructors are responsible for choreographing routines at the recreational levels. The captains of the Auxiliary Teams choreograph and teach the routines at the advance and all-star levels.

How many shows does PAC Performance Teams perform each season and does it consist of traveling?The number of performances vary season to season, and Yes there is a lot of travel in-state and out-of-state.

How many girls are selected each season for the PAC Performance Teams?There is no set number of girls being added to teams each season because we operate year -round and have open enrollment. If you have a desire learn, we will teach.

PAC Allstar Performance Teams - Only offered at the advance level for high school and college students.
To audition for the PAC Allstar Performance Teams, please submit a resume and video that features field shows as well as any other performances that demonstrate the most advanced skills and knowledge. Auditions and video/resume submission deadline TBA.

If I make the All-Star Team, do I have to tryout every year?
Yes. The purpose of returning members going through the audition practice is to maintain the most current skill set.

How are captains chosen for the Precision Auxiliary Corp Performance Teams? To be eligible for captain, you must have performed with the team for at least a year. An application must be completed and submitted to the PAC Directors & Coordinators. The applicant must go through an interview as well as choreograph and teach a small group of current members a portion of a routine.


All classes are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for all groups/teams. Sample of the classes offered:

Flag classes:
  • Tall Flag, Swing Flag, Rifles, Sabers and body movement to work with equipment
  • Advanced understanding of basic drop spin and Peggy spin
  • Advanced understanding of body movement while spinning
  • Ability to perform in time while marching
  • 45 degree tosses
  • Horizontal tosses
  • Vertical Tosses
  • Double toss
 Dance/Drill/Step classes:
  • Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Liturgical
  • Position Classes
  • Double turns
  • Axels
  • High Kicks
  • Splits Front and side leaps
 Baton classes:
  • One, two, three, four baton, novelties, tumbling classes, strut and solo
  • Toss Walk-over
  • One-Spin Illusion
  • Toss Illusion (forward and reverse on the right leg)
  • 3 Spins (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • 2 & 3 Baton Combinations
  • Fire batons, Knives, Fire Knives
  • Tour jetes
  • Laybacks
  • Advanced understanding of bodywork and dance combinations
  • Grandjetes on both legs
Cheerleading/Tumbling Classes:
  • Low stunt: liberty
  • Low stunt: stretch
  • Walk up shoulder sit
  • Shoulder sit
  • Thigh Stand hitch
  • Thigh Stand stretch
  • Hitch (to the right)
  • Ground up Liberty
  • Stretch
  • Hi Torch
  • Scale
  • Roundup Scorpion
  • Handstands
  • Round Off Back Handspring Series + Pike, Layout, X Out
  • Standing Back/Front Tuck
  • Standing Back Handspring Series + Tuck, Pike, Layout, X Out